Trying to dimension columns that aren't on a grid intersection

As the title says, I’m trying to dimension columns but only the ones that aren’t directly on a grid intersection…

I’m think that if I can get a list of the columns that are not on an intersection, I can feed that to the very top where its looking for which columns to get references from. That’s one of the areas I’m stuck at.



I think it’s better if you use the geometry of the column instead its location point to check if it intersects with a grid.


@Organon in this case I think they mean is its setout point on grid, so an intersection to its geometry is probably too tolerant.

@ebordenave I’d go about it like this:

test on grid.dyn (27.2 KB)


Yes, you’re right, but it’s actually the same logic. In this case the location point is used.

Column Intersection.dyn (25.3 KB)

In your solution, you need to project the grid points to all levels to get the distances, but using planes avoids that situation.


Thanks @GavinCrump and @Organon , I’ll try these out and report back asap.