Dimension Columns - Dimensioning by Points?

Hello Dynamo Friends :slight_smile:

I´m playing around with dimensioning and i can dimension columns by faces.

Like this:

and also like that:


Now i want to add the following dimensions in a section view:

And this wont work with parallel faces so i started by getting the points i need:

And now i would need a method to dimension by points, is there anything like that out there?
Can i make an ElementGeometryReferences from a point?

Kind Regards! :slight_smile:

So if i need a ElementGeometryReference i tried if i can build one but it doesnt work :confused:

At least the dimensioning of the width also works in sectionviews :slight_smile:

So i still couldn´t find out if there is any other method than using faces to dimension an element :thinking:

Someone has any advice for me?

When we have “catch” problems we use refplanes! the advantage the get not printed, but the disatvantage is they are everywhere