Trying to determine where custom nodes come from

When opening up scripts on other PC’s that don’t have the custom node family packages installed, how can I tell what packages they come from? aside from googling the name of the node (which doesnt always work) cant there be a better way? Am i missing something?

thanks forum responses.

2 Likes is worth a try. At the very least we have an index of most packages.

Appears to be from Bakery. :slight_smile:

I’ve usually had to Google “Dynamo Revit name.of.node” to find the answer.

A link, button, or some other provision to help with this condition in Dynamo would be very helpful. Nobody wants to have nodes become red/dead.

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THis is a custom node solution, but it will allow you to find out from in canvas.

WhatTheNode is now its own package on the package manager.