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WrongWhen I change Room number and type in Occupancy Loads in excel they are not updating in Revit. As you can see I get these highlighted warning. Any body know whats wrong. I have tried changing the numbers to text in excel but still no joy. The only thing to update is the room name.

Hi Patrick,

Check your parameter type. If your feeding values are number make sure your parameter type is number.


Yes I tried but still nothing I even created a new parameter with number type and still nothing. I have attached the dyn file if you have time to look at it Room Schedule_test

I can’t run dynamo.I need revit file and excel file as well.

Dynamo Test ProjectUpdated Room Schedule

Thanks I attached the 2 files

Hi Patrick


Try once to see script to change values in rooms.

Room occupacity

Best regards Palle

Hi Palle,

That worked , thank you so much



Is there a way to export a room color to excel along with the room schedule

Hi Patrick

I don´t think you can get out the color from your raster image, but if you get it trough recap 360, then you migth have a chance.

I have made you a small lookup list in excel, that would define the deparment of the room, and Dynamo will write the info bach to Revit.

Room oppacity Room occupacity


Best Regards Palle

Is it possible to export Sqm from excel to dynamo, say i wanted to do a area difference between room area in the model and required area. I created a parameter call required area and another called area difference. I set there type to (Area) but when I put in the numbers into excel they don’t update the project parameters in Revit. The only way it updates is if I set the Parameters on to text.

Hi Patrick

Try once to see this script, it would write an area value into a Area property.

Set area property


Best regards Palle