Troubleshooting dwg imports report in .rvt file

I am new to Dynamo,

Can you please advise what might be wrong with my workflow and no dwg imports are listed ?

When I go on the Vis Graphics in the Revit Project there are at least 25 dwgs

Please help.


Your run hasn’t finished as you can’t use Dynamo when there is an open command. Close VG and wait for the ‘Run Started…’ text in the bottom left corner to change to ‘Run Complete’

Thanks Jacob

I am trying to list the DWGs that have the word LEEDS in their name

Can you please advise of the workflow on Dynamo?

Many thanks,

  1. If you look at the report closely, you will notice one of those values is a name. Get that value from each sublist using the consistent index values as a method.

  2. Ask of that string value contains the phrase “leeds” and watch capitalization.

  3. From the same report, there is an item which asks if the item is an import or a link. Get that item from each sublist using the index value again.

  4. Ask if that value says ‘import’.

  5. Filter the reports by both the values you got in 2 && the values you got in 5.

  6. From the remaining reports one of those values is a Revit element (you can tell as there is a green highlighting). From the included reports pull the item which is the Revit element from the sublist using the index values one more time.

Note that list lacing and levels will mater quite a bit. If you struggle with this then I recommend reviewing the Dynamo Primer - skip nothing do each exercise in order.