Query of Objects inside an inserted DWG-file in Revit


I encounter the following problen, which I unfortunately cannot solve:

I have a DWG-File containing 13 closed polylines (see the figure).

After I import the file into Revit, some of the polylines are sticked together and will be recognized as one line in case of a query. E. g. these two:

You find both dwg-file and rvt-file attached.

polylineproblem-2017-02-28.dwg (40.8 KB)
polylineproblem-2017-02-28.rvt (328 KB)

The background of my question ist that I want to work with the geometry of these 13 closed polylines, I want to get their geometries (polycurves) in Dynamo in order to construct floors. But revit reconizes fewer than 13 polylines.

I would be grateful of any help?

Hello babysatch,

I stumbled upon this helpful video which seems to do exactly what you are looking for:


Thank you so much. Great Help.

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Hello T_Pover,

do you know how I can download the lisp-file from the screencast?

In my opinion it is not available at all, is it?

Thank you.

Hmm, I dont’t know about that Lisp file. You could try contacting the author of the screencast.

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Another way to do it would be to get data out of AutoCAD and write it to a text file. Then read the data in Dynamo.

From the video, why would we want many Floors for one level? Wouldn’t a better, old-fashioned, way to make the floor be to pick the outer lines from the DWG in the floor sketch?