Trouble Setting Dimensions on Curtain Wall using Rhythm

Hello Dynamo Community!

I’ve had a look around and i don’t think this question has been asked before (hopefully). I’m having a little trouble setting the dimensions on my Curtain Wall. Briefly, what i was tying to achieve was a quick script to set dimensions between internal curtain wall gridlines on a plan view.

The script seems to work as intended up till the point where it wont actually place the dimension. I think this could possibly be down to having not selected a dimension style?!

I’m pretty sure this is quick fix but it’s a little beyond me being a rookie at this. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Second Part of the script.

Not too sure this is a unique problem to Rhythm. Placing Dimensions is pretty difficult via the API in my opinion. Do you have sample files for us to test?


Here a link to the file on my dropbox

I appreciate you having a look.

Have you had any luck with this? I cant even get your result