Curtain wall automatic Dimensions/ Python/Revit API

Hello everyone,

I would like to use some automation to prepare Curtain Wall drawings.
I started research on this topic, revit API some thebuildingcoder posts. Currently I am trying to put dimensions on the edges of curtain wall, grids and later if possible on faces of mulions. It should be similar to what you can see on the picture below.

I manage to use Python script and get references from CW geometry. As i assume it is everything what i need to put dimension for edges and grids, but for some reason i can put dimensions only on 2 grid lines and one of edges. Missing one is reversed as i see when i retrive Orientation data from it. Is it somehow connected with the fact that i cant put dimension on it? Any other idea how to use Revit API and get wall profile references to put Dim lines on it?

Screenshots, Rvt, Dyn files below. Hope someone has some ideas :slight_smile: Thank you!

@Dimitar_Venkov @Konrad_K_Sobon @john_pierson @jostein_olsen @viktor_kuzev anyone willing to share some experience ?

Dimensions research 2017-03-04_A.dyn (20.7 KB)
AD_CW_2017-03-04_A.rvt (404 KB)


any solution to this ???

Hi, maybe this will be helpful. There is code for both C# and Python.