Trouble running Archi-lab Get All Line Styles

I’m trying to use the Get All Line Styles from the Archi-Lab_Grimshaw package , but am getting an error saying “type” object has no attribute “Get Category.” I am attempting to use it in Revit 2015 (Update Release 10) with Dynamo

Is anyone else having an issue? Could it be a conflict with another package? I feel sure the it works, as I saw it being used successfully in another post (thanks to Kulkul for letting me know where to find the node).

I had a quick peek inside the node. As a temporary fix, you could try replacing line 29 with the following:


Not sure if that’s the best approach. I’m sure Konrad will come up with something more permanent the next time he updates the node.

Thanks Dimitar! Worked great. Clearly it was once working, just to satisfy my curiosity, what changed to break it? Was it a later version of Dynamo or some change to the Revit API, or something else?