Trim multiple surfaces by boundary

Hi all,

I’m trying to trim surfaces by a boundary curve so that any surfaces, or part of surfaces, beyond the boundary are trimmed away. I’ve tried a few different methods offered as solutions for similar ‘trim’ topics, but none seem to work for this purpose.

Note: I can achieve the result by making solids and using ‘solid.difference’, but I’d prefer to keep it to just surfaces to minimise edges/file size (solids are 6 times as many edges!)

Fritt Pattern_v1.dyn (119.9 KB)
Glass Fritt Test Family.rfa (356 KB)

I really appreciate any help given to help figure this out.

Have you tried the Geometry.Split node? It doesn’t sound like a plausible candidate, but it should be able to achieve what you’re after.

Hi @Dimitar_Venkov,

Cheers! That did the trick. It was a little difficult at first to isolate the split surfaces that i needed, but i got there in the end by doing a solid intersect and mask.

Much appreciated!

Fritt Pattern_v1.dyn (145.4 KB)