Trigger "instance placement mode?" (placed by the user)

Is it possible to have Dynamo trigger family instance placement mode? Where the user can put in some info, Dynamo puts together a family instance with the proper parameters, then turns it over to the user in placement mode, and the user can place it where they want.
I can put together the parameters, but I don’t know of a way to get into placement mode. Can’t find it by googling.


The Building Coder: Launching a Revit Command (

That’s not Dynamo, DesignScript, or even Python, and way more complicated than I was hoping.
He’s using Create Similar keystrokes (which means I have to get into the Windows API even). I don’t want to create similar. I want to be able to add/place an instance even if the work area has nothing in it to select as similar.

Figured Dynamo or the Revit API might have a way to initiate the placement process when given a family type to place. Maybe not.

The code can be converted to Python. It is just an example of using the API - which python can access.
Dynamo has nothing for you to do what you want to do.
Sendkeys can be used to initiate a command - this is just an example.

Sorry - some things are just hard work.

Yeah. That answers the question, though. Just can’t do that. Which I find odd with all the things Dynamo CAN do. :slight_smile:
I can have the user select an object and I can place an instance in a specific place in a specific view, but I can’t have the user place the object. D’oh!

It’s just a scripting language. Not a full blown programing language.
Low level to any program is going to require an API interface.

You can have the user select a point for placement. But it won’t be the same sort of interactive drag and visual placement native to Revit.

Right. What I’ve done is create a TODO annotation family. I place them ALOT. So, it’s just a pain to have to go to another view and copy or dig through the families list to grab it over and over. I was hoping to somehow add it to Quick Select or something. I have a Ribbon with lots of Dynamo scripts, I thought maybe I could solve it that way.

Maybe I could just place it in the middle of the active view. Is that possible?

Thanks for the link.