Incremental placement of families

hello all, conceptual question here. Is there any way in dynamo to place a family by a click and point command from the user? And taking it one step further, making a parameter in that family increment with each placement/click? Kind of just like the Revit Built-in Parameter “Mark” does? I cant seem to find any nodes that do that. Thanks!

Yes there is, but you will need to customize the placement plane and family types to suit your own workflow.

Example of placing Foundation Pads by points on Level Workplane and adding sequential Mark values.


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Hello, I am trying to do this but I have to have the work plane be parametric defined by the user. I think I am setting it just before this node. But I dont think its working these numbers look very strange. especially the Z axis values. What am I doing wrong?

Is this node in millimeters or something I am getting strange numbers and errors:

The error you are seeing relates to the Geometry working range, this has not affected the output of the points but may need to be changed to improved the accuracy of the locations.

You have used the SketchPlane.ByPlane node, this creates a new Sketchplane but doesnt set it as the Active Sketchplane. You can do this with a bit of python, before executing the pick point node. :wink:

import clr

import RevitServices
from RevitServices.Persistence import DocumentManager
from RevitServices.Transactions import TransactionManager

doc = DocumentManager.Instance.CurrentDBDocument

sp = UnwrapElement(IN[0])

doc.ActiveView.SketchPlane = sp

OUT = sp

Well changed to what? I mean its almost acting like the node is reading in millimeters the numbers are so huge. The xyz point locations that come out of the node are not correct.

Hello, here it seems like they are converting to millimeters

The error makes the suggestion.




Sorry, I overlooked your comment regarding millimeters in the previous posting.
Yes the node uses mm (Dynamo global units), but the points extracted need to be updated to the project coordinate system.

If you create points using the Revit coordinate system converted XYZ values, these will be inaccurate in the Dynamo workspace. If you are using Imperial units, further conversion is required.

Does that help?

I just deleted the 304.8 out of the code. But what you have would work as well so I selected it as the solution. Thanks!

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