Using Dynamo to place new instances in a Revit Project

Hello chaps!!

I am trying to create a definition that reads pipe orientation level etc. and then places a hanger family with appropriate parameters along its span.

My definition reads the rotation of vector / pipe to determine orientation, and places families along pipe span and life is good.

Although I used FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel to generate that and as you may be aware it TRANSPOSES the created instances for every run. Yes I have tried closing and relaunching Dybamo

Now I swapped to FamilyInstanceBy Point in Transaction. This node does not feed the level to my family.

Last but most importantly when I run it with the Point in Transaction it messes up my rotations… e.g. the first instance has the correct rotation while the following familes are 90’ perpendicular :frowning: :frowning:

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Does anyone know DYNAMO and Revit link with the families? is it element ID?

Is there something I can change to the family to make Dynamo create new set of instances?