Place a set of new family instances using by point

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I’m trying to place a set of sprinklers in a building. I’ve made the program in such a way that the placing happens only in one room when I select that room boundaries, and it works fine. The problem is when I run the program again for another room, it’s removing the already placed sprinklers in the other room and places new ones in the new room (or may be moving from the old room to the new room, I’m not sure). The node I used is FamilyInstance.ByPoint. Can you help me resolve this? Thank you…54FCAE91

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If you use Dynamo player insted of Dynamo you won’t have this problem. Even you could install Beaker Package and use Bake elements node. The thing is that sometimes Bake elements node causes problems.



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Hi Manel,

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This is due to element binding. You can find more info on this topic at this post: Element Binding in Revit

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Thank you Jacob

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