Triangulation Difference

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to have the extrusion of smaller triangles from exactly the surface it cutting the bigger triangles …? Thanks in advance
Triangulation.dyn (64.6 KB)

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Hello @Kumar_Kapadia,

I have the solution; this is not an elegant solution, but this is how you can achieve it. (DYN attached.)


DYN is here…Triangulation_Updated.dyn (83.4 KB)

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Hello it doesn’t work with this version can u plz tell me from where to download to 1.1.1 ?

That was a Daily Build of Dynamo available on
BTW, those builds can only be installed if you have Revit 2015 or higher installed on your machine.

If you want I can create the same graph for you on DynamoStudio 1.1.0


I use dynamo studio stand alone student version anyway i have revit 2016 but the dynamo version for that is also same that is 1.1.0…anyway will appreciate if u make the same graph for 1.1.0… thx

@Kumar_Kapadia The file below should explain the process of creating a cutting tool aligned to a surface.
VoidAlignedToSurface.dyn (13.0 KB)

In case you aren’t able to open the attached file, below is the code. The rest you should be able to rebuild from the image

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Wow …Thank you so much Sir :slight_smile: