Transforming curve to element and importing information

Hello everyone.
As I want to import information into a line, then, the information can be seen in Revit. I know that I need to transform the line to element to store information.
But, I cannot find any video teaching about this.
May I ask how to achieve this? Thank you very much.

Are you trying to do this?

The StructuralFraming code from DesignScript allows you to transform lines into members or beams in Revit by giving the line a level reference and a family type.

thanks for your reply.
But i am not trying to transform line to beam. I am trying to import information into a curve which transform from nurbs curve to (element?) with the ImportInstance.bygeometry.
May I ask if the object generated from ImporInstance.bygeometrt has family or category? because I want to add new parameter to it.