StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve doesn't work for 3D curve?

I have 6 3D curves (helix) that I need to convert them to Structural member.

I tried polycurve and nurbcurve, none of them works.

How to fix it?


It is correct that a Structural framing cannot be assign to a Helix-like curve. Revit can only model structural framing elements on Planar curves.

A way to fix this is to segmentize the curves in lines and then create structural framing elements.

Another way is to create the framing geometry using a profile + the curves and Sweep it into a Solid. Then you can create an element from the solid by parsing it into a Family.

Thanks for the suggestion. I use lines instead of curves.

But there is another issue:
the pipes (steel pipe 273*10 family that built in the revit family library) are discontinued, although their axis are continued.

Just placing the Framing elements is not enough. You also need to change the Z Justification parameter so the placement line will be in the middle of the Framing. Revit now tries to connect the beams which doesn’t work.

I change the Z Justification parameter to “origin point” or “center line”, but they are still discontinuous.

BUT if I use StructuralFraming.BraceByCurve, they are continuous.

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As seen in the picture, this is the best result you will get by using Structural framing elements. I don’t know if Revit is able to join them nicely.

As I suggested in the first post, you can also use the Sweep principle.
This has advantages and disadvantages. Let me know if this helps :yum:

CreateHelixGeo.dyn (46.7 KB)

Thanks for the dyn, I need it for my other project.
In this project I use framing instead of sweep, because I want to use the model for other purpose, such as BOM, structural analysis.

Aaahaaa, well have you already checked the Analytical model with the segmented Structural Framing Elements? This one is perfect for analysis, but the architectural model is not correct. A structural analysis program always uses a simplified model of the Architectural model. With revit you have to choose, use it for structural modeling or for architectural. Or model an architectural model with a symplified structural model

Is it possible to apply material to the sweeped geometry?
If it’s possible, how to do it?

Via subcategories. As I did in my graph