Transforming Coordinate Systems For Geometric Objects


I was just reading a chapter on parametric design last night about the importance of controlling and transforming coordinate systems which I guess is why it’s on my mind as a possible way to solve this problem.

I’m actually attempting to orient surfaces correctly but simplifed the geometry as I worked through possible solutions. There seems scant information on the forums about how to align the line’s y-axis with the global z-axis. So far my attempts seem to move the line pretty randomly. I’m stuck at so many points even with this simplifed geometry I could really use the help if anyone has any suggestions or insight into how they might solve this issue.

How to transform

Using CS, one way to do it would be like this:


Can also use Plane.XZ since it is only a line.
Will need to be more specific (regarding, the plane axes) when transforming surfaces and solids.


Amazing amazing amazing.

I spent too much time getting a fancy iced coffee at Starbucks to fully fix my code when I had free time today but will keep plugging away to see if i can orientate the surfaces correctly with the information you’ve each kindly provided but it seems to have worked! Thank you!


Hi Vikram, i was struggling with similiar problem and read your post here.
My post : Point Coordinate System

i tried your solution but in the end, it moved all points to same location.Is it not possible to align coordinate systems at several points to a specified coordinate system at defined point?