Point Coordinate System

Hello all, thank you in advance.
I have a simple&basic and embracing questions
First of all how can i see a coordinate system icons of points ? like this

at the moment it is hard to foresee how components will be aligned without seeing this coordinate systems.

Second question, lets say i want to extract one coordinate system from one point and empose it to all other points.I am hoping that this will place all adaptive components to the points in same manner.

Somewhere i make a mistake since the result is unexpected here.

I don’t know if points have a coordinate system - they have no axes. You can see the coordinate system they came from though which might be what you’re looking for.

Edit: Just a little clarification… You can see that as soon as I create a point at (1,1,1) from a different local CS it returns values based on the world CS. So points are all read from the world CS as soon as they exist, but you can still see which CS they were created from.


As mentioned by @Nick_Boyts above, points do not have an inherent coordinate system.
However, you could get the icon by creating a coordinate system with a particular point as the origin.

This won’t work. A single point adaptive component isn’t a good idea
Instead convert it to a two point adaptive component and create an end point for every base point. The position of the end point should help orient the adaptive component.

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