Understanding CoordinateSystems

Hello all,

I’ve yet to wrap my head around how to create a Coordinate System - After quite a bit of playing a little forum searching I’ve had no luck.

Is there any chance someone could please explain how I could create a CoordinateSystem in the following circumstance?

Effectively trying to build a fence, with a coordinate system being created for each individual point (Distribution along a ‘select model elements’ curve). Current graph, sans orange section, creates posts oriented to the world coordinate system.

The orange section is broken, and doesn’t work - most likely the bit I need help with :slight_smile:


Seems like using Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter might help avoid some pain.

Had posted this response here, but seems like it could help you

File: profile-path.dyn


Thanks Vikram! I’ll check that out :slight_smile:

Definitely check out the “Curve.HorizontalFrameAtParameter” node as well:


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Cool, thanks Dimitar :slight_smile:

Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter orients the coordinate system with the tangent at the respective points, while sometimes flipping the normal (which is a problem)

Curve.HorizontalFrameAtPArameter keeps the normal aligned to the global Z, but in doing so the X and Y axes too are aligned to CoordinateSystem.Identity. The local coordinate system is not aligned to the tangent.

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In this simple test, it seems that the horizontal CS’s X-axis is aligned to the curve tangent(sometimes reversing), while for the standard CS at parameter the Y-axis is consistently aligned to the curve’s tangent without reversing:











Maybe there’s a bug in the horizontal CS node?

This just adds to the confusion :slight_smile:

Did this go any where…I’ve got my own problems and have been checking out anything moderately related but others always seem more interesting.

Fluffed around with it…thought it may have been the rate of change of the curve…nope