Transform Diagrid Pattern through Intersecting Lines

I’m trying to find a way to get Dynamo to transform a diagrid.

I would like to be able to transform the pattern above dynamically. Ideally, I would be able to control the spacing of the horizontal lines which in-turn shift the vertices of each diamond. Currently, I would only be adjusting the Y-value of each vertex.

Ultimately this would most likely be exported as a 2D pattern.

Thank you!

Show your graph, it would be easier to help.

That is the problem: I’m not sure where to start or what to even search for.

I know that I can create lines through Dynamo.
I know that I can transform those lines through Dynamo.
I don’t know how to place connecting diagonal lines at intersecting points or creating the diamond shape that I can then transform the vertices.

I guess I’m having a bit of problem on how to solve the problem. It’s essentially a stretch that varies in strength over distance. Essentially it’s a gradient stretch.

Of course, I do not want to give the impression that I am looking for someone to wholly create this for me: I’m looking for a little help in getting pointed in the right direction.

Thank you!

I would do it this way, but i’m sure a lot of possible ways exist:
Forget the lines, think only about the vertices. You want to create a grid of points, but every second row is ofsetted by the half X distance. So you can forget every second row as well.
Basically you have to find out how you want to distort the the Y distance of a grid. You can use some math for it, or multiple slider inputs, it depends on the use case.

After you built your grid, create the second row of points, than create the lines by two coordinates. I would create the left and right leaning lines separately.

This won’t be an easy ride, you will have to use a lot of list manipulations, try out all the list nodes in the builtin library. But you can create this with the OOTB nodes.

Edit: I was interested how hard is it, it took me 30 minutes to create the graph, here is a demo:

That is pretty darn good! I am envious of your Dynamo-Fu.

Your half-hour of effort has yielded just about exactly what I was trying to accomplish. My half-hour of time has yielded the first half of the grid pattern! That is something since I have rarely used Dynamo to create/alter geometry.

From your video I am already trying to work out how to get those sliders to react to a list of values like a logarithmic or some other type of geometric scale/progression even though I’m not anywhere there yet.

I wish I had the expertise with Dynamo to be adept at solving other people’s random challenges ‘for fun’!

Thank you again and save that dyn: It may take a while for me to get through this and I am hoping you’ll continue to be generous with your help.

Thom K.

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