UV Surface to Diagrid

Hi guys, I’m new to using dynamo and trying to translate my Grasshopper knowledge.

I am trying to create a dia-grid pattern by subdividing a surface by UV counts. I used ‘Divide Surface UV’, which results in multiple lists, each list is a division of the U Count. I wish to retrieve the relative items ( in this case points) from each list. That being List 0: (0), List 1 (1), List 3: (3) and so on. From these newly arraranged points I will be able to interpolate a curve resulting in the diagonal lines. See diagram.

I prefer to use this method over 'Lunchbox Panel.Quad as that flatens out each subdivision into a flat plane and I would prefer to keep the geometry curved.

I have previously achieved this using Grasshopper / Rhino , by using the ‘Relative Item’ node and I was hoping that there would be something similar in Dynamo, If anyone has a suggestion that would be appreciated!!.

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Hi, Maybe you can try the nodes List.DiagonalLeft and List.DiagonalRight before obtaining the curves with NurbsCurve.ByPoints.