Transaction Nodes

Just a curiosity question. I have been working with Dynamo for a year or more, and in my journey and all the examples I have looked at, I have never seen Transaction Start-End node ever used. I only learned about these nodes last week and now that I am implementing them, it has completely cleaned up my node process for when using multiple step transactions. Why are these nodes not more emphasized or used by more users? I admit, I am not one to sit and read from start to finish so I may have missed it but I would assume this is a big one to miss?


Forcing Dynamo to leverage extra transactions isn’t something which is usually necessary.

However there are some cases where it’s a must. These are often around bulk processing files, very large graphs, or editing certain elements which were previously created in the same run.


In fact, I find it best not to use the transaction nodes unless they are absolutely necessary. I could understand breaking up a complicated graph while testing and trying to figure out the logic, but as Jacob mentioned, they’re really only need for graphs that require separate transactions.

I turned 10 dyn files into one, by using transactions, I have a project setup.dyn, where, I:

  1. copy and excel file from the server to a user document, open the file for editing, where all below is ran from -> (this one is still seperate)
  2. Create 10 views per level, correctly named
  3. Create a sheet for each view, and place the view on each sheet, correctly named and numbered
  4. Create 5 xtra working views for each level, correctly named
  5. Apply appriate view template to all views
  6. organize each view and sheet per level in project browser
  7. Apply correct scope box to each view
  8. Move views to center of border
  9. Apply keyplan to each border if needed.
  10. and all the above in a second node for big project requireing dependent views broken up into areas

these 10 steps took no time to open and close but I could never run them all at once , I implemented Transaction and now I run one node and it does all the above. which I was excited about and wondered why I didn’t see more on these Nodes.

Thanks for the reply

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