Transaction node in Dynamo for Civil 3D

Good afternoon, dear colleagues, specialists!
In Dynamo for Revit, there is a transaction node

It is possible to implement this in Dynamo for Civil 3D?

Can you explain the reasoning why you need that? I am curious!

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When developing outside of Dynamo, you would need to work within a transaction to make your edits to the database. The AutoCAD and Civil 3D dynamo nodes take care of this for you, so you shouldn’t need the transaction object. Having access to it would be superfluous since you’d be starting a transaction to do a task that in itself starts another transaction. :slight_smile:
Transaction inception lol

I am not sure about Civil 3D, but on the Revit side some things can’t be done in one transaction.

One example offhand is creating a view, placing the associated viewport on a sheet, and making a PDF. One graph can do this, but I believe it requires 3 transactions to get the correct outcome on the PDF.

Civil 3D may not have that as an issue for most aspects, but it’s likely that at some point it will be a requirement to get into transactions. The usually get rather involved in some way.

One thought would be a workflow which starts by linking a DWG into the active file, reading some key geometry in that link to drive a new alignment, generating a profile on the alignment from a data table created from a 3rd dwg and some user inputs, cutting profile sections, creating a new sheet view, placing the alignment plan and sections views into the new sheet, updating the SSM, and then running prints.

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