Tracking Revit Family Parameters

I am very new to Dynamo and am tasked with using it to link our Google sheets that track our casework, fabric frames, display, etc. tacking parameters such as width, height, depth, color, finish, general notes, etc. (as of now I am using Raindrops to link our Google sheets seems to be working). So before I take a few hours( or days :wink: trying to finger out how to make as many of these parameters parametric across the Google Sheet and Revit as posable, I thought I would see if anyone has done that before or advice for me starting out with a task like this.

“to Track” as in to set these parameters inside of revit or check if they are applied correctly in revit?
To get started you could google or search in this forum something like “excel to revit parameters”:first result

There’s a Raindrops package that should make everything easier.