Track element With GUID

Hey there every one

do any of you know if it is possible to track a element if you have det GUID

as you kan se i get som GUID’s, and i want to know where they come from :slight_smile:



Hey Tomasz_Puchala

i tried to use your python script but it gives me this warning, any ideas how i can fix that

and of course thanks for the advise and respond :slight_smile:

Maybe you could use a “srting from object” node before you feed it to your python code …

Same out come :frowning: but thanks :slight_smile:

i think the GUID might not be type, what could I code to get instances ore something else in line 14 in the python script ?

strange… it works for me :

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i tried it with your code and it comes with this warning :confused:

could you share your file , or a part of it ?


can you tell when you have it, then i will remove it again :slight_smile:

i got it
Actually i meant a rvt file containing some of the objects you’re trying to retreive with the guids

hehe cant, to big :stuck_out_tongue:

but i think you Fixed in and other way :slight_smile: hehe if you have looked at my script the hole beginning you have don with the get all elements en active view :slight_smile: didn’t know that node :slight_smile: hehe

haha ok well whatever works! :slight_smile:

i made a node with a python script, that collected a lot of things, and i think it dose the same as the all elements in active view :slight_smile: hurry for the noob :stuck_out_tongue:

that was to fast, still come with the same issue :frowning:

How do you get your guids?

with the UUID GUID Generator for lists

try using the other output of the node (uuidsAsString)

it dosn’t work. but i think its because the GUID is not from a type, but from something else, so maby it’s the python script that needs to be adjusted, because it looks like it only looks for Type

OUT = [doc.GetElement(i).ToDSType(True) for i in guid]