How to get the Revit elements GUID and IFC_GUID using Dynamo

Hello guys

Could u please tell me how I can extract Revit elements GUID, and IFC-GUID by using Dynamo? For IFC_GUID I tried Bakery package, but for me it doesn’t work and it shows null after doing the analysis. But about Revit objects GUID, I don’t know how to extract them.
Thank u so much

Hello, I think IFC_GUIDs are simply instance parameters. For Revit IDs, you can see what’s in this thread:

Thank u so much for your response and guidance. Finally by using Bakery package I could extract IFC-GUID of ifc elements. But I don’t know how to filter the IFC-GUID. For example, I want to know IFC-GUIDs in the output list are related to which element in ifc file. Do you know what I should do? Thanks

It could be possible but I don’t know how, I would rather get these parameter values from Revit directly, like so:

Thank you so much Yna for your quick response. But for me it didn’t work. :disappointed:
Do you know why?

There is a little trick to fix this in the Export IFC / Modify setup :slight_smile:

:relaxed: Thank u so much. It worked. Thanx

I have another question, regarding parsing an IFC file.

I saw two pictures in “” about “Read From IFC Node”, They show how to parse an IFC file and filter IFC name and Attribute Values. But I don’t know what is the node which connected IFCWALL to “List.FilterByBoolMask” node as shown in attached figures. Could u please tell me what this node is and how to filter the outputs, how to show each IFC name with all its ifc parameters and their value separately. For example it shows me the IFC parameters and their values for each wall of my Revit model.

Please start a new thread for this including a link to your last post. The issue described in the title is solved and there can’t be two solutions marked in the same thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok. Thank u so much:relaxed: