Trace line to delete from revit project

Dear Dynamo Experts
I have attached a pic. i want to delete those blue trace marks that came from dynamo.
this i got after renumbering parking with dynamo.
some times it goes, but i dont know how to clear those blue marks.
After numbering parking, i deleted the spline.
but the blue dot not disappearing

You can turn off the revit background preview and this should fix it, however, I have an issue where this does not work And have to restart revit for them to disappear or turn of the revit background preview before first run. I have submitted as a bug on dynamo github.

I did something.
just clicked on Run again without that spline. then it went.
or i tried to move the spline by clicking its control point. then also it went.

TIP: Move the spline to a reference workset which is never displayed in views to plot. I’ve had to use this exact workflow on a single project no less than 10 times in the last month (parking garage from hell) and redrawing the spline repeatedly would have sucked.