How to delete about this line and points that created in dynamo

hi everyone
I created this line and points in dynamo ,but now I want to delete them … Can you tell me how to do ?

Have you created them in Revit, or where do you wish to delete them?
Or is it simply the preview you do not want to see? (If this is the case rightclick the nodes containing the geometry and remove tick from "preview).

I created them in revit… and now i can’t select this points in revit…I wish to delete them

Showing the graph you used for creating them, or what you’ve tried in capturing them again (or even better, the .rvt file) would help anyone trying to assist you.

One thought though, are the points and lines still there when you close Dynamo? (If not it is simply a preview enabled by your chosen preview).

Yes,you are right, these points are not exist when the Revit is closed.:smiley:
thanks , you solved my problem.

I assume you mean Dynamo :wink: You can disable this preview in the top bar of Dynamo if you so wish.
(Though they would indeed not be visible when Revit is closed either :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Thank you. That’s just what I need.