Toposurface to flat terraces

I am attempting to take a toposurface and turn it into a terraced landscape (6 inch risers over a total of 20 feet of elevation change). I want the contours of the toposurface to define the boundaries of each terrace. I included links to a few pictures to help explain this better. I am experienced in Revit, but very new to dynamo, with no previous coding experience. Can anyone help get me started, or point me to another thread that has this same issue?

(Second picture in this link):

This thread is about exactly the same thing:


Contour lines can be retrieved using Element.Geometry

From this thread: Retrieve topo contour lines and smooth curves



Another way (I was shown more recently) is to add the extracted points from your edge curves to a Floor.

I think this is the most robust way, as it is always possible that making PolyCurves could fail.

Here’s a workflow that might help… That shows how you can add points to a floor.

Hopefully that’s useful,


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