Toposurface center

I was reading a post on the AUGI forum for a user who wants to tag all his/her toposurfaces with their Surface and Projected Area, both parameters in the objects’ properties. I had no problem pulling the values of the toposurfaces.

Since toposurfaces cannot be tagged at all, I was thinking of placing a family instance at the centroid of each toposurface and pushing the values of the toposurface into that object, then tagging it. I’ve created a working prototype of this that worked as I expected when I limited it to one toposurface. However, when I feed in all the toposurfaces, it placed the family instance in strange places off the toposurfaces, definitely not the centroid. Can you find the problem? Can you think of a better way to do this?

I think your method of finding the topo centroid needs improvement. This would only work reliably if the topo points were dsitributed evenly across the surface - which they usually aren’t.
I would suggest the following method:

(By the way, next time you want to calculate the average of several points, there’s a node called Point.Average in package Clockwork…)


Thank you, Andreas. Your method for finding the centers is much better and your tip about the Point.Average node is quite helpful. I’m coming at Dynamo as a Rhino+Grasshopper user, so I’m often frustrated that I know how I’d like to do it, but don’t know the packages, even the standard Dynamo nodes, all that well.

For this definition to work, I still have some issues to work out, but this gets me to a viable version to use, which is extremely helpful. Thanks!