Topography slope analysis help

I’m using Dynamo for the first time to make a topographical slope analysis on a Revit model. I’m just copying a node based definition I found in another forum since I have zero experience using the program but even though I followed the process step by step in the end not all areas appear colored. Attached you will fine the node definition and an image of how the model looks. I would appreciate somebody could let me know which node should I modify to get a full color analysis of the terrain.


This is how the model looks

Can you share the base Revit file you used? Hard to recreate/test without that. :slight_smile:

at first glance, the fact that there are two nodes that are assigning color, might be part of the problem. they might be assigning conflicting colors therefore no colors are being assigned. try to disconnect one of the color setting nodes. one node is coloring the geometry straight and the other colors geometry that has been 'd to the values related to slope (or so my initial assumption stands) [edit: added “one of”]