Topography Colouring - Slope/Height


Can someone help me understand the difference between Topography Colour by slope and Colour by height using Dynamo. I see in one of the blogs mentioning color by slope, Can someone help me with color by height. Thanks!


I don’t know these two nodes but i suppose the TopographyColor.BySlope node makes the color more red towards a bigger slope whilst the TopographyColor.ByHeight makes the color more red towards higher ground.

As far as I can tell the link you’ve provided shows a gif from an old blogpost I did. and @Daan is exactly right. The slope one is calculated by measuring the angle between each mesh face and Z-drection and remapping the angle to a value between 0 and 1 to get a matching color.
For the other one it is just the Z-value of each of the vertices mapped between 0 and 1. In my blogpost I use the MeshToolkit where the MeshDisplay.ByMeshColor have a bit of intelligence built in so that:

nr of colors = 1 –> [entire mesh single color]

nr of colors = nr of triangles –> [each triangle is colored the specified color]

nr of colors = nr of unique vertices –> [each triangle will interpolate between the color values at each vertex]

nr of colors = nr of non-unique vertices —> [each triangle will also interpolate between the color values across a face but may not blend between faces]

More info here:

and I haven’t heard about these Topography coloring nodes you talk about, are they new?