Incorrect scaling

I’m using a Dynamo script that I’ve used in the past with success to create a slope study for a toposurface. Unfortunately, when I run the script now the slope study that gets fed back to the Revit model seems to be at a different scale whereas it used to work without issue in Revit 2019.

The scale difference seems to be from Imperial (Project Units) to Metric as its scales it up by a factor of 3.28.

The odd part is that if I change the project units to m the actual faces are still 3.28 times too large but the spacing is even further.

None of the nodes on your graph are readible so we can’t see why this is occurring. Can you use the export canvas as image button (camera icon in the upper right) after zooming in on one or two nodes? This will ensure the whole graph image is readible.

So sorry. Lets see if this is any better.

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Try using a direct shape instead of an import instance. Should be no need for the List.Map node either - lacing and list levels should take care of it.

Yeah, this script was taken from Topo Slope Analysis – landarchBIM . I have vey little Dynamo experience so Direct shape and lacing are a little above my head. I’ll try and do some research and see if I can figure it out. Thanks.

what version of Dynamo/Revit is this?

Revit 2022 / Dynamo Core

@ziyun.shang FYI curious if you think this could be a consequence of unit type changes in Revit API

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If so, is there an easy workaround?

Use the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node from the springs package as one thought.

Will that node retain the colors produced by the rest of the script?

Yes - in fact you could even assign a material which would apply in all views instead of just the active one. Override in view at this scale would be a sin if you were doing this by hand - hopefully no one will ever have to undo such manually. :slight_smile:

This issue may cause by the RevitAPI change - Document.Import. I found that the import have a incorrect scale like:


Just wondering if there has been any solution to this? I have a client that I produced a slope study for and wants a revision to it but since I’ve updated Dynamo I can no longer use the script.

I’m looking for the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node in the Spring package but can’t find it anywhere.