Revit Topography to Solid Mass

Hi all; I’m completely new to the Dynamo technology but my background is in programming. I’m looking for ideas on how to convert Revit Toposurface into solid mass using Dynamo. Please guide me on what packages I need to utilize and how to go about doing this.

Thank you.

This should help you sort out the issue.

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Thank you Jacob, I will give that a spin.

I’m not understanding@Vikram_Subbaiah code

iG=tm1.FaceIndices; -------------------------------> This returns an array of indices
lst1=List.Transpose({iG.A,iG.B,iG.C}); ------> I’m not sure how would this be represented in graph, e.q: iG.A.
lst2=List.GetItemAtIndex(vp1,lst1);------------> GetItemAtIndex second argument should be int not array?

There are no nodes for this, you’ll need to use a code block

It will be an integer after you extract the index values


You need spring nodes and especially the Mesh.ToPolySurface node. It is multi-threaded in Python, meaning that it runs much faster than doing the conversion with nodes/DesignScript. If you got the time, i have some datasets and a handout here dealing with this issue among others.


Thank you guys.

Just had a look, really interesting @jostein_olsen. I will definitely go over your materials. Thanks.

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I would like to follow you for updates, webinar, classes, etc… what is the best way to follow you? Also, are you planning to come to North America?

Your material is amazing, can you imagine I have been researching for months to find something like what you shared with me!!

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Hi, currently not planning to go to North America unfortunately. :slight_smile: If I do post stuff I post it on twitter: @Jos_ols
Glad to be of help, as I have recieved help from many of the others in this community.

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hello, dropbox files are not available in the link posted, please could you reshare it to have a look? Thanks @jostein_olsen