Topo Mesh

Hello, if I have a topography surface and use Topography.Mesh, can I transform that mesh into a surface???

For the development team, it would be useful when searching, listing input nodes, for a new-by learning Dynamo, half my problems are trying to decipher what the next node is that I need.

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If you use the “Mesh.FaceVertices” node from the “Clockwork for Dynamo” collection by Andreas ( you can get it from the package manager), you could try something like the following as long as your topo is not too complex:






The custom node does most of the heavy lifting:


It extracts the points of the triangulated topo and combines them into sub lists. You can use those to rebuild the surfaces.

Holy s***, Chris and Dimitar. This post is the reason I check this forum almost every day. This just solved a problem of mine of extending piles to a topo. The Point.Project node beneath doesn’t take mesh as input, but a polysurface on the other hand… Over 1000 piles extended in less than a minute.

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Nice! Interesting to see the node being used that way. Originally, I built it in order to able to create intersections between planes and meshes (or toposurfaces)…

It was really helpful to read this forum - helped me so many times!

I have a similar issue with the imported mesh that I need to convert into a surface. I tried using Mesh.FaceVertices node but that didn’t seem to work for me. Any suggestions why this happens and how to solve this?