Specific Nodes

Hey there,

Currently I am using Revit 2015 and Dynamo 1.0.0 (I cant upgrade until IT releases the antivirus “sigh”)

I am really interested in a class that Marcello Sgambelluri has done in the past which contained projecting lines onto topo surfaces. One of the nodes he has used is a custom node form the spring package “Topography.ToPolysurface”.

The process and workflow makes sense, however I have installed the Spring Package but the node i want isn’t there, I cant find it anywhere…can you get individual nodes? If so, how can i get this one?

Any help appreciated.

Hi Andrew,

I restructured the package a bit for 1.0 :

Mesh.ToPolySurface is now multithreaded and replaces the
"Topography.ToPolySurface" node. This way you can also process meshes
obtained through other means and still handle toposurfaces by first
extracting their mesh with the built-in “Topography.Mesh” node.

This is an exert from the changelog, which you can find here: