Extrusion Visibility

Can Dynamo access the Visible checkbox of solids? This is available when you edit a solid in the family editor or an in-place family.

Am haven’t been able to find any node that can select this parameter.


Not sure if it’s available from standard Nodes, perhaps you need to install the Clockwork package (since I already have it installed I cannot say for sure), but try this anyway:

Under the Revit group, open Elements, then element, then under Action you should find the GetParameterValueByName and SetParameterByName nodes. Also note these Ys/No, On/Off, True,False, Checked/Unchecked types of parameters are stored as integer values (either 0 or 1). That’s how Autodesk decided to have it work inside of Revit - nothing to do with Dynamo. So when working with these values you have to think of 0 as false and 1 as true.