Extracting Family Type Shared Parameters

Hi everyone,

I’ve run a search but haven’t come across a working answer to this problem yet, so sorry if this problem sounds a little familiar! I’m trying to extract information from our doors for an internal door schedule in Revit 2015. I’ve set up a door schedule and am filtering out external door information by using a Shared Parameter called “IsExternalDoor”, which is a Yes/No type parameter set for each door family.

Some of our doors are in a linked file (which references the same shared parameter file), but their values are coming through inconsistenly into our main model (see pic attached). This is an unexpected behaviour, but there might be a simple workaround to correct the inconsistency.

I’m currently struggling to get Revit to access this shared parameter “IsExternalDoor”. Is there something I’m obviously doing wrong? This seems like it should be a simple-enough request for a Dynamo graph!

Many thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Solution found!

Time taken: 4 hours! Absolutely no idea why this was so fiddly, but it was!