Get room separation lines

So i need to get the room separation lines from a given room.
Is there a node that will solve this?
I looked everywhere in the forum and couldn’t find it

Clockwork I believe has a Room.Boundaries which returns elements. Get the object type of those elements, and you should have your desired room separation lines.


No, basic Dynamo does not include such a node. But u can easily do it using geometry tricks. What are the lines u want te retreive exactly ? In Dynamo a Room is a volume, so getting its faces and then filter them regarding their orientation, finally u’ll be able the get the edges that correspond to what u’r looking for

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Unfortunately it does not return the room separation lines…
I need then for a specific purpose

My first method worked fine for me, but I’ll give you a few options:

Rooms fed into Room.Boundaries node from the Clockwork package, feed the element list into an Object.Type node, and feed that into an == node with a “Revit.Elements.ModelCurve” as the second input. Anything that returns true is a room separation line, otherwise its something else that is room bounding. Use that as a filter for a List.FilterByBoolMask, with the elements output from the Room.Boundaries node as the list.

Another option: Wire the elements list from the Room.Boundaries node into node to get the category. Build a similar Boolean from that and filter your list as described above.


Jacob’s idea works for me…

Can you help us by describing what isn’t working and what your purpose is? Preferablly with a dyn and an rvt?

Hope that helps,



Thank you all for your help.
I realized now that i was using the wrong “Room.Boundaries” node i was using the one from archilab wich does not return model curves…
The one from Clockworks returns…
Thanks a lot!!!

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Hi everyone,

I know I’m arriving a little bit late but there is a cleaner update to solve this.

The category of the room separator can be found in the native Categories list under the name "Line - ".

Then you can just continue with select all elements of category… etc