Civil3D Pipes and "Allowable Modeling Range"

Good morning,
I created a script for Civil 3D that runs just fine with test projects, even with a network that has fifteen pipes in it. However, when I use a real project and try to apply my script to the pipes, I get this warning:

I tried the other levels of geometry with no luck. Is this an issue of maybe the pipes were not all drawn in either the upstream or downstream direction? This warning also renders my “keys” for a dictionary useless, so that I get no data returned.
I did try setting a limit to the number beyond decimal places, but that really should not matter because the error is early on in the simple selection of the pipe in the Civil 3D drawing file.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Yellowjacket98,

You are not alone. It’s a known issue with Dynamo for Civil 3D because infrastructure projects very often work in huge coordinates. But if you change the geometry scaling, more problems will be introduced. So as a rule-of-thumb, leave the geometry scaling at Medium and cope with the warnings. It is only a warning and not an error, so the graph should proceed correctly despite the warning.

Yes, the large coordinate ranges can cause problems in AutoCAD/Civil 3D (hatches are what come to mind first). I did check my pipe names and had a few that were not correct, thus causing my “key” issue. However, it still would not run, so I went ahead and bumped up the geometry range incrementally up to the largest range. At that point it seemed to do exactly what I needed it to do (which was manipulate pipes in my drawing). Aside from it taking 80 seconds to run, I did not see any issues (no yellow warnings – nothing but gray boxes), but that does not mean there is not something behind-the-scenes that is wrong.

Additionally, I tried setting a new UCS, but as expected it did not work. I am sure all work is still done with respect to the original World coordinate system of the drawing.

Thanks for the suggestion – for sure I plan to run things at Medium as much as possible, and increase the threshold only if I have the same issue. Maybe at some point they can come up with a true fix to the software to get around the warnings.

Would you be willing to share the DWG and DYN files?

Sorry for the delay… actually there is no reason to share right now because I have another issue (believe it or not!)
All this to say, the above issue was related to the fact that I was using a 17+mb drawing file that was LOADED with Civil3D items. So I backed out and am working in much simpler terms now.

Thanks again!


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