Thickness parameter in Curtain Panels not readable?

Anyone ever seen Curtain Panel Thickness programmatically? It only seems accessible via the UI.

Not here:

Not here:

Only here:

Have you tried archilab’s GetBuiltinParameter node. You’ll first need to check the internal parameter name tho.

I don’t know what the internal parameter name would be except “Thickness”. Cannot find in Snoop DB.

I thing that you are pulling the data from the wrong object. The thickness parameter for curtain panels is in the nested family type.

Try something like this:

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yes, as already highlighted, this is a type parameter, so you should be looking in the type object. You can get the internal element from the SDK, from the revit lookup plugin or by using archi-lab’s “Get BuiltInParameter Name” node:

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Hi @truevis

It is working from my side:

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I see it now. In Revit Lookup, we have to drill down through Type to get the Type parameters.



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