Getting width value from curtain wall


Is there a way where I can find width parameter value of a curtain wall?
I’m currently using dynamo script (see below please) and need to get width value from both window and curtain walls. Window works but not curtain wall. thanks!

Would you clarify what you have in mind for Curtain Wall width? is it the width of mullions or width of panels?

Anyway, it seems there is this Width property in Revit API you can use:

width of the entire panel . but is there no way where I can get the value without Revit API? i’m just not sure of how to access that Revit API

If your focus is on curtain panels, you can use CurtainPanel.Width node in dynamo.

EDIT: actually, I have to take this back, Width in Curtain Panels, does not report thickness of panels. If you are looking for thickness, you need to get the Thickness property from the Glazing (or panel) Type. I just saw the highlighted blue lines on your snapshot and for some reason thought you are looking for values for thickness.

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I was only looking into the width , not thickness but thank you very much regardless!!

is there a way where you can change those curtain panels into window elements/parameter/family (idk) on revit? I already have a script that works for windows but it will be a hassle to write another script for curtain panels

Well, they cannot simply change to window elements unless you model them as windows, and potentially deal with different paramteric/geometric relationships. If your curtain wall is not particularly large, or does not need grid-like mullions and panels (as I see it in the image you posted), I think using a simple window family is a good idea.