The use of generative design in complex buildings

Hello, as part of my master’s thesis, I am researching the use of generative in complex buildings (using Revit and Dynamo). I have read about people using generative design to solve problems such as workspace layout, parking lot layout, building massing, building facades, room type optimization, and optimizing walking distances.

What other issues have you encountered in your daily workflow that you could solve using generative design?

Thanks for your help; I will appreciate your answers.

Some other stuff I’ve done or been involved with recently:

  • Layout of solar farms
  • Layout of offshore wind farms
  • Routing of distribution lines
  • Design of process plants
  • Locating and orienting a building (buildings) on site
  • Design of neighborhood
  • Roadway profiles (the layer of materials)
  • Laboratory buildings
  • Water treatment plants
  • Airport runways
  • Framing
  • Equipment layout

Thank you for the answer!