The Interaction with 4 lists, when applicated two specifics formulas


Hi Guys,

I need a little help, I want to create a scrip in Dynamo to calculate 4 lists like the image below.
If you see, we have 2 moments to obtain the results.
The first one is [list1+list2-list3], the result is the list4, and I just repeat this sequence one time.
The second moment is [list4+list2-list3] and the result back to list4, this will complete all list 4.
I really don’t know what to do, because I will use the result of list 4 to find the other index in list 4.
Can someone help me or give me an advice?



Hi Joao,

It doesn’t look difficult to deal with, but I need a better explanation on what you want to achieve. Seems to me that you are overwriting the end result, list 4. If that is the case, you will have to provide all the intermediate steps and results of these steps.
Also, try to start a graph in Dynamo, so we can work on top of it.


Hi @architectcoding, =)

First of all, thanks for your help!
I will explain a little bit.
You don’t overwrite the list 4, you just use the formula [list1+list2-list3] to calculate the first result in list4, after that you will use the first result in list4 to find the second result in list4, the second to find the third, the third to find the fourth…
So, You use the previous result to find the next.
I tried to separate that sequence but don’t work…=/

But again, thank you for helping me!

p.s:The image show the middle results of the sequence.


Ok, next time try to start something, you’ll get heaps of help if you can provide something to start with. (Although I know this must be hard if you haven’t programmed much)
Here is my 2 cents:


Hi @architectcoding,
Mannnn thanks a lot!!! =D
I will do a course to understand better phyton 3.
But in the first test, the script worked perfectly.
When a tried in my script, something doesn’t work so well…=/
Some times in list3 and 2, we can have sublists…
When a put that sublists, the error appears…=/
I will ty change something to make work.
Pray for me… hehehe



Glad it worked partly! Haha! Will leave you with a possible solution, take a look at my dirty python script when you find your solution:

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Thanks man!!
Work Perfectly!

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