Pulling a parameter and placing a text note based off that parameter value

Hi I am currently trying to place a text note based off a parameter value that I am trying to pulling from a family in revit. The parameter I am pulling is a instance text parameter. But I am stuck on how I can do this.

Hi cole,

If I understand your question correctly, you can do this with the OOTB node “TextNote.ByLocation”
Input the view you want the textnote to appear on.
Input i.e. the insertionpoint of the element.
Input the parameter value.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Why don’t you use a tag?

Just curious

I am fairly new to dynamo but when I tried to use this node in the function that I need it too I am not able to get the input parameters to match what is needed for this node to not throw an error. Specifically pulling a parameter from a family and having that be the text parameter that is entered into this node, it says that the input does not match.

That’s a valid question. The reason is because I am trying to pull a parameter from a physical panel in our model and then place that parameter value in a text back next to the corresponding panel on our one lines. So I can’t in this instance use a tag for this. I am currently trying to pull the parameter from the physical panel and input it into the one line panel and then tag it all using Dynamo. Do you see anything wrong with that?

if your input/output is throwing an error, check that you have the correct variable format input into the text… if it is a number, convert it to a string. :wink:

Could you attach a picture of your graph?