Text Note By Location

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Is there something to replace the TextAlignFlags.XXX Node. It won’t work. I wish to create the Text Note, the alignment seems to be the problem. Is there a code block option for the alignment?

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I think typing “Center” in a string node should do it…

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I tried that already.

Sorry, just remove the quotation marks (""), it’s not necessary in a string node but rather when using a code block…

I have the feeling that its somehow related to the view. I can’t figure it out though. I even tried to replace the DraftingView with a View node.

I think that you will need to use the preset values of the Horizontal Align parameter: Left, Center or Right

Update: it will work when using the Views node to select the view

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OK, thank you, the problem wasn’t the alignment. It is the “text”, it wasn’t a string but a sequence.
This leads me to the next problem though: How do I export multiple text notes at different locations. I wish to number the panels next to the panels.

I would say: get your location points and your texts in the same order (from the same list of elements) and eveything should stay properly linked

The location works fine but how to I transform the sequence of numbers into a string that results in individual panel numbers. Everything is set up, point number and order as well as panel number and order.

Solved it myself!
Thank you though!

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Great :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

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@norbert.schlotter could you please share your.dyn I am looking at doing the exact same thing but I can’t seem to crack the location point.
Thank you in advance

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Me too

hai i am also try this same method i was struck with sequence can you tell me how u slove this

for me all the text in same location

Maybe this helps?
It’s making a grid of different text notes, it’s putting that same grid of text in a list of views.

mark i tried i dnt no how to fix the location of one by one

Like this?

Maybe have a look at the primer and levels?

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thank you