Order Coordinates List Points

I am trying extract to excel a list with several coordinates of points (x,y,z) in a sort way bit i have some problems with the nodes. Anybody could help me please?

Try Sheet1 instead of sheet1

Thanks for your answer. I test it but is the same, appear a excel empty.

You need excel installed on your local machine, if you use Excel from the cloud (Office365), there’s a button to install it locally i think

I have the excel installed but is the same.

OK, lets go back one step, what does the error day?
The text that appears when you hover over the yellow node’s box on top?

Thanks Marcel. I try to traduce it from spanish…
" Warning : Converting an array to var would cause array rank reduction and is not permitted

I’ve never seen that, but ok.
So you are reading an excel file and are trying to rewrite it by splitting the column of data into 3 columns of data?

I am trying to write a excel file with the list of coordinates of into 3 columns px,py,pz.

I use data export Excel 3times (for x y and z.)
I hope some one van tell me a easier way tot do it in one time.
A list of 3 list may be?

@FRAN1972 Is there any reason to why you are passing the data through List.Create node over and over again?
I see no point to why one would reach up to @L6 :thinking:

It works pretty fine for me this way

@jwroelofs See if this helps



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Sorry for the delay in my answer.
It’s ok. Thanks a lot friend.