Text in the Dynamo window

Text - So if I have a bunch of lines in Dynamo, maybe a grid of lines.
Can I label them A-N and 1 - n (for example)…

Eg… is there any way of showing text in Dynamo?

DynamoText package should work here, however it will be slow for larger collections.

Perhaps using the geometry labels will suffice? Select the node and you should get index numbers as labels for each geometry element.

Thanks, I was hoping there was something I missed.

We’ve basically got a grid in Dynamo but want to show it in a presentation. I was hoping we could label it like you can in Revit (without pushing anything into Revit).

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For a ‘one time thing’ or presentation purposes, Dynamo Text should work. Just keep patient with the execution - once it’s drawn navigation should be fine.

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