How to display text at a point

I have a mesh surface in Dynamo and I calculated midpoint of each polygon in the mesh.
Now I have to display the polygon number at the midpoint.

I tried using Textnote.Bypoints from spring nodes, but the text is overlapping and unable to read.

Test.dyn (75.5 KB)
results (1).xlsx (1.6 MB)

@solamour, I have followed your solution to run pandas in python node to perform excel activities, which potentially saves 20 minutes of runtime to create mesh with 23000 points.
@c.poupin @Vikram_Subbaiah

Checkout the DynamoText package.


Actually I am very new to Dynamo.

However, I did something as you suggested, still I did not see any text on my points. Earlier with the node TextNote.ByPoint at least I could see some overlapped text due to the large size of the text, but now there is no text.

Also, any idea why the mesh lines from dynamo are not generated/visible on the revit side?
results.xlsx (1.9 MB)
Test.dyn (79.4 KB)

Hola Amigo @kuladeep561 Have you tried adjusting the scale of your view?

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Guessing you are in MM? That 0.5 likely wants to be something like 5 or 50.

@gilberto.arechigaiba Thanks

It was mostly the scale issue. I was not able to adjust the scale yesterday because of lots of points. So I reduced the number of points.
The text has now been readable after the scale’s been adjusted along with adjusting font-size and border-offset.

Besides this, can anyone comment how can I create/edit a Textnote family with my own font size through Dynamo. Because I want to show the text automatically by running the dynamo script. I cannot manually adjust the scale and font size everytime.

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Amigo @kuladeep561 it’s grate to hear that my advice was usfull, what i usually do to use my own fonts is duplicate the existing default type, then i use TextNote.ByLocation this node alows me choise my Type previously created!!

Just for curiosity what is your script for? it intrigued me a little bit!